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Up your security on Amazon AWS

If you make use of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, you should take several security measures to ensure you’re not having company managing your data and servers. Two-factor authentication If you don’t know what two-factor authentication is, it’s simply...

about 1 month ago on break the bit

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Twitter / mihar: Infrastructure.
2 days ago
Twitter / streetartnews: Banksy New Mural - Cheltenham, ...
RT @nickpickles: Bravo, Banksy, bravo. A new look for one Cheltenham phone box... #GCHQ
2 days ago
Twitter / mihar: So you’re MAD about something ...
So you’re MAD about something on the internet? Here’s the flowchart.
4 days ago
Twitter / lukew: Obvious always wins. ...
RT @lukew: Obvious always wins.
4 days ago
The Perfect Steak | San Francisco Cooking School
Soon, I will become the ultimate steak master, all thanks to @particija!
4 days ago
Log In - The New York Times
Boom! Love Colbert, sad for Colbert Report
6 days ago
Just had a quick talk at JS meetup Ljubljana RT @Swizec: O firebase razlaga @mihar #jsmeetlj @ Evropa
14 days ago
Ljubljana Spring JavaScript Meetup - Ljubljana JavaScript User Group (Ljubljana) - Meetup
RT @InternetWeekLJ: #Spring JavaScript Meetup with @mihar, @Smotko, @primozcigler, @bancek RSVP #talks #beer
14 days ago
Miha @ Bully's Bakery
I'm at Bully's Bakery (Berlin, berlin)
16 days ago
Miha @ Nil
I'm at Nil (Berlin)
17 days ago

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@jurepasekure Indeed
about 24 hours ago
RT @SlexAxton: I call overly nested/indented code 'Tea-Party Code' because it's so far to the right and doesn't make any sense.
2 days ago
2 days ago
RT @nickpickles: Bravo, Banksy, bravo. A new look for one Cheltenham phone box... #GCHQ
2 days ago
@ok haha :)
2 days ago
"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence." Yup.
2 days ago
RT @thomasfuchs: What do you need to make a successful web app?
3 days ago

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Flim - Aphex Twin
about 1 hour ago
Next To You - Poolside
30 minutes ago
Feel Flows - Slow Magic
27 minutes ago
Remember The Good Things - Milosh
21 minutes ago
Let It Be (Feat. Veela) - Blackmill
15 minutes ago
Deltitnu - Aydio
10 minutes ago
Flim - Aphex Twin
7 minutes ago
Hailin From the Edge - Apparat
4 minutes ago
Start Shootin' - Little People
less than a minute ago
Bobby - Belleruche
2 minutes ago
Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun
7 minutes ago
The Sun - Portugal. The Man
10 minutes ago
Give Me the Beat - Ghostland Observatory
13 minutes ago
Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer
17 minutes ago
Jubel - Original Mix - Klingande
22 minutes ago